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Four-row tapered roller bearings Introduction

Four tapered roller bearing consists of two double row inner rings and one double row outer ring and two single outer ring, an inner spacer between two inner and two outer intermediate ring between three You can adjust the clearance.

Four-row tapered roller bearings are used in small and medium size bearings just manufacturing, a large four-row tapered roller bearings carburizing steel, particularly large size using a hollow roller and cage pillars, in order to increase bearing life .

Cage materials
Four-row tapered roller bearings generally use steel stamping cage, particularly the use of large-sized pillar holder must be welded in.

Allow angular alignment error
Tilt four tapered roller bearings generally do not allow for axial housing there, if inclined maximum does not exceed 2. "As a result of the production process requirements, as the four-row tapered roller bearing the bearing axis of the bending force and more than 2 "requirements, bearing rollers and raceways produces additional stress, thereby increasing the bearing load shortens bearing life.

Tolerance and clearance
Four-row tapered roller bearings are generally P0 tolerance level, but may also produce higher levels of tolerance bearing according to user needs.

Four-row tapered roller bearing clearance in the assembly to press the installation and adjustment procedures Press bearing production agreement (no agreement for a standard group of clearance) adjusting the bearing clearance, the user after a certain period, it should be re-adjust clearance, there are pipe clearance adjustment method, please contact WPL technical service department.

When subjected to higher radial loads, which can withstand axial load in both directions, but the permissible bearing speed is not high, mainly for rolling mill roll bearings. In recent years, the band began to produce double-sided bearing ring of four-row tapered roller bearings, and gradually widely used. the article from the szr-bearing

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bearing housingbearing housing

bearing housing

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