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Characteristics of Centerless Grinding of Bearing Rings

1. The work center is not fixed
The positioning of the workpiece during grinding is determined by the grinding wheel, guide wheel and pallet. The center O position of the workpiece is not fixed in the radial plane with the movement of the workpiece.

2. Self-positioning
The grinding surface of the workpiece is the basis of positioning, therefore, the original grinding surface grinding and grinding errors will be reflected as the positioning error, which affects the workpiece is grinding part of the shape and size, and then reflected as machining error.

3. Workpiece movement control mode is special
Workpiece movement is controlled by grinding wheel, guide wheel and pallet, and the control of guide wheel is the main factor. The stability of workpiece movement is related to the grinding process parameters. The workpiece is related to the contact of guide wheel and pallets.

4. High production efficiency
Suitable for batch and mass production, easy to automate the production.

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