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Failure Form of Shaft and Its Design

1. Shaft failure mode: mainly due to fatigue fatigue caused by lack of crack, due to lack of static strength caused by plastic deformation or brittle crack, wear, deformation and vibration beyond the allowable range.

2. Shaft design should meet the following criteria:Rod Ends Bearing

(1) According to the axis of the working conditions, production volume and economic principles, select the appropriate materials, blanks and heat treatment methods.

(2) According to the force of the shaft, the installation position of the shaft parts, with the size and positioning methods, shaft processing methods and other specific requirements to determine the reasonable structure of shaft shape and size, that is, the shaft structure design.

(3) the strength of the shaft calculation or check. Stiffness calculations also apply to slender shafts with large forces (eg, worm shafts) and to shafts with high stiffness requirements. In the case of shafts subjected to high-speed operation, the vibration stability should be calculated because of the resonance risk.

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