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Grinding bearings

Bearing grinding process, the surface of the work is carried out by high-speed rotating grinding wheel, so if you do not follow the operating instructions for operation and adjustment of the device, there will be all kinds of defects at the time of grinding in the bearing surface, which affects overall quality of the bearing. Bearing in precision grinding, due to rough demanding, the work traces the surface grinding can often be observed to surface grinding marks are the following naked eye.

Manifestations spiral cross marks

The main reason for this is due to traces of the wheel bus straight poor, there is a bump phenomenon, when the grinding wheel and workpiece is only partial contact, when the workpiece or grinding wheel several times back and forth movement, the performance will be reproduced in the workpiece cross and the helix can be observed visually. Pitch and speed of the work table of these spirals, the size of workpiece speed, but also with the wheel axis and the table is not parallel to the rail about.

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