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Bicycle bearings, driving parts, sludge cleaning method

Bike bearing, driving parts sludge cleaning method Abstract: Cycling six roller bearings drive sludge opportunity to take kerosene cleaning using chemical cleaning chemical lotion oily lotion main component surfactant chemical cleaning application water bleaching net dry cleaning sludge is divided into two parts Way a slight difference between the bearing cleaning cleaning bicycle bearings rolling bearings open clean paper cloth parts dirt sludge wipe parts steel bowls before and after the shaft roller kerosene liquid dynamic and dynamic bearing commonly used shaft shell axis.

Bicycle six rolling bearings and driving parts stained with sludge more opportunities to take kerosene cleaning method, can also use chemical cleaning method. Chemical cleaning agent to oily cleaning agent is preferred, the main component of surfactant. After chemical cleaning, but also the application of water drift net dry. Cleaning sludge, it should be divided into two parts, the way a slight difference.

1. Bearing cleaning:
Before cleaning the bicycle bearings, first unscrew the bearing, with a clean paper or cloth on the parts of the sludge, dirt wipe, and then these parts such as steel bowls, steel block, front and rear axle roll, etc., on kerosene or chemical cleaning Agent. Soak for some time with a brush (the old toothbrush can) wash parts.

2. Cleaning of bicycle-driven parts:
First remove the chain, with a clean paper or cloth to the chain, sprocket, flywheel and other parts of the sludge, dirt wipe, and then these parts on the kerosene or chemical cleaning agent soak. The chain soak a long time, so that the sludge dirt dissolved, and then turn the chain, with a brush to the chain section of a brush to clean the chain of the two films, the outer film of the inner and roller coated with fine sand more difficult to remove , To be stuffed inside the cloth to a section of a wipe, and then wipe the chain clean. Sprocket and flywheel to use kerosene cleaning, and then wipe clean cloth. After cleaning, to add lubricating oil (oil or grease).

Bearings and drive parts can be cleaned using the following detergent formulations: 38% sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, 9% coconut alcohol polyoxyethylene (8) ether, 2.5% sodium tripolyphosphate and 50.5% water mixed preparation . Use the agent, can be diluted with water.

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