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The use of bearings

1, the use of considerations
Compared with the general mechanical parts, rolling bearings of high precision, so when used accordingly should be careful. In this case,
1) Keep the bearing and its surroundings clean
2) Careful use when carefully
If used carelessly to the bearing with a strong impact, will make the bearing appears scars, indentation, fracture and other injuries. In this case,
3) Use the appropriate tools
4) Note that the rust-proof bearings
Avoid use in damp places, and do not make sweat stained, should wear thick sets. In this case,
5) The user should be familiar with the bearings
6) to develop bearing operating specifications
2, bearing the custody
Bearing in the factory are coated with the right amount of anti-rust oil and rust-proof paper packaging, as long as the packaging is not damaged, the quality of the bearing will be guaranteed. In this case,
But the long-term storage, to be less than 65% humidity, the temperature is about 20 ℃ under the conditions, stored in the shelf 30cm above the ground is appropriate. In addition, the storage place should avoid direct sunlight or contact with the cold walls.
3, bearing the demolition
When inspecting or replacing parts regularly, you need to remove the bearings. Often shafts and bearing housings will almost always continue to be used, and the bearings often have to be used. Therefore, the structural design to take into account the demolition of bearings, not to damage the bearings, shafts, bearing boxes and other parts, but also to prepare the appropriate removal tools. Demolition of static fit with the ring, the tension can only be added to the ring, not through the rolling body drawing rings.

The szr-bearing

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