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Multi - angle analysis of sliding bearings

Klaus Hofmann, Managing Director of GGB, and Mathias Senghaas, Marketing Manager and Sales Manager for Asia, gave a detailed account of the market situation, product advantages and more information about plain bearings.

In 1887, a man named OJGarlock put his first industrial sealing system registered patents, in 1899 established the Findlay Motor Metals company, and later established the Glacier Antifriction Metal company, in 1910 began the production of plain bearings , In 1958 established Garlock Incoperation company, and today, the development of this enterprise how?

Klaus Hofmann: In 2001, Goodrich had its European roots, formerly known as Glacier Metal, which merged into a new business called GGB. Soon after, Goodrich quickly separated from his industrial company, so it was the result of EnPro Industries. As the world market leader in the field of plain rod end bearing, GGB is now the largest division of EnPro Industries and operates as a global company with seven manufacturing plants worldwide, with a broad product catalog, highly modernized Research and development and testing agencies, a large number of branches and a wide network of dealers, so for the future we are full of hope.

How to deal with the sliding bearing market competition?

Klaus Hofmann: The bright side of the plain bearing market is that it continues to grow, so more and more designers recognize the advantages of alloy plain bearings. Competition of course there is. On the one hand we have to deal with competitors on the local market, on the other hand we have to deal with and understanding of the company. But the real thing that has made it difficult for us for some time now is all kinds of rivals from Asia. Since the late 1990s, Asians have been very active internationally, but unfortunately they are making replicas in large numbers. We provide our customers with new products, providing excellent professional advice and special solutions to deal with them. We must do better than our competitors.

Why do some designers still prefer rolling bearings instead of sliding bearings?

Klaus Hofmann: I think, more reasons come from history. Perhaps people are afraid of new technologies, but feel unsure and do not understand the situation is certainly one of the important reasons. So far we have achieved very good results, we convince designers, I believe that the cost of alloy sliding bearing is relatively cost-effective, and can provide the same rolling bearings and even in some cases is better performance. This is a long road, but we have been on track.

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