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How to Improve the Poor Lubrication of the Starter

Starter bearings (commonly known as copper sets), in normal use, often due to wear and even the emergence of journals and copper sleeve loose, and ultimately affect the performance of the starter. Starter copper sleeve easy to wear and tear of the main reasons there are two aspects:

First, bear the load larger, it is unalterable reality;

Second, poor lubrication, which can be improved. Starter copper sleeve and armature shaft journal lubrication are mostly in the decomposition of maintenance, coated with some grease, starter in normal use can not be generally not disintegration of lubrication. When the starter is working, the outer surface of the journal is in contact with the four sides of the copper sleeve, and the part of the grease is squeezed out of the friction surface, so that the consumption of the grease is quickened, resulting in dry friction between the journal and the sleeve. Exacerbated both wear and tear. To this end, the test set in the copper sleeve on the inner surface of the two turning about 0.8mm, 1.5mm wide tank, the starter overhaul will be filled with grease tank after the complex. After running the test, both to achieve the purpose of long-term lubrication, but also reduction of the journal and copper sleeve wear.

The article from:szr-bearing

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